About meem

‘meem’ is the Retail Banking arm of GIB, owned by the governments of the six GCC countries. The bank’s primary shareholder is the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, with a majority stake of 97.2%.

meem’s aim is to simplify the Retail Banking segment, providing its customers with a quick, dynamic and unique Retail Banking experience.

meem launched in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in January 2014, and began its operations in the Kingdom of Bahrain in March 2018.

Combining Digital and Traditional Banking (physical locations), Customers can open an account and on-board through multi-optional online channels, hence catering to the region’s increasingly sophisticated Retail Banking segment. meem offers convenience, freedom of choice and exceptional value for money.

Why meem?

• First Shariah compliant to offer digital banking

• meem’s smart on-boarding application gives you a seamless account opening experience with a minimum of manual inputs

• You can apply for, re-issue and block all your meem cards online

• Customer support is available 24 hours a-day, 7 days-a-week by phone, email and through our online community’s channels
• PCI DSS compliant

Products and Services

meem’s Personal Finance is created to be simple, transparent, and suitable to our customers’ needs. Our financing is 100% Shariah compliant and can easily be applied for by all nationalities through our digital banking channels.

• With meem Personal Finance, we offer competitive profit rates, equal monthly installments at a fixed rate and flexible payment plans giving our customers more for less.

• With meem you can access your Personal Finance information at any time through the mobile banking app to track payments as required.

A unique Debit card that gives access to the Onepack account with the ability to link up to four Foreign Currency Accounts at the same time for both local and international usage.

• Access to Benefit Switch, GCC Net and VISA Net

• E-Commerce & 3D secured enabled for online purchasing

• Ability to link and delink up to 4 Foreign Currency Accounts additional to the Onepack

• Auto currency detection when using the card locally and internationally

• Transaction confirmation through ‘SMS’ alerts

Shariah Compliant product combines the Current Account and Savings Account into a single offering.

• Auto Coverage allows for funds to be covered from the Savings Account if the Current Account funds are insufficient

• Auto Sweep is an automated service in which when the current Account balance exceeds a pre-set limit, the funds will automatically be transferred to the Savings Account

• Available in USD, GBP, Euro and all GCC currencies

• Instantly open an account through online banking, can be linked to meem Debit Card along with Onepack account

• Transfer funds between Onepack account and currencies accounts, currency exchange is done through online banking

• Online account statement

A low risk investment with the world’s first online Shariah Compliant term deposit.

• Flexible Tenors

• Partial liquidation of up to 20% of your deposit for free without incurring any penalties

Whether you are into travelling or shopping, meem VISA Platinum Credit Card is the best digital and cost-effective companion for you, offering a wide range of unique rewards and services.

• Shariah Compliant

• meem As’hal program with 0% installment profit rate

• Near Field Communication (NFC) feature

• No Annual Fee

• Up to 3% Cash back

• Safety Mode

• 3D Security

• Access to VIP Airport Lounges

• Extended Warranty

• Purchase Protection