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Whether you are into travelling or shopping, meem Credit Card is the best companion for you,

Offering a wide range of unique rewards and services


meem As'hal Program

Convert your purchases into 0% installments

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Near Field Communication (NFC)

Fast point of sale Transactions


Switch on Safe-Mode on your card when it’s not needed

Up to 3% Cash Back

Our Credit Card is Shariah Compliant

No Annual Fees

PCI DSS Compliant

Airport lounge access to over 25 lounges globally

Up to 50% Cash Withdrawal from total available balance

We offer competitive FX rates making meem Credit Card a perfect companion for travel

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Schedule of Fees & Charges:

Credit Card Charges
Annual Fees Free
Administrative Fees Free
PIN Replacement Fees Free
Card Re-issuance Fees (upon customer request) BHD 5.250
Credit Insurance Fee Free
Late Payment Fees* BHD 10.500
Charge-Back Fee (for rejected claims) Free
Cash Withdrawal and Transfer Fee BHD 5.25
Foreign Exchange Fee 2.00%
Profit Rate Monthly 1.85%
Annually 22.20 %
Installment Program Fee Free
Installment Program Profit Rate 0% on all terms

* The collected late payment fees are paid on your behalf for charity activities as per the guidelines and supervision of the Shari’ah Supervisory Board.

Price or calculation is subject to change depending on the influencing factors such as consumer’s credit records