Unique to the region, this simple product combines the features of
Current, Savings, and Foreign Currency Accounts
Additional optional features are designed to meet the expectations
of modern day customers


Total Control

Depending on your needs. You may link and unlink Foreign Currency Accounts to your card anytime, anywhere through meem's app or internet banking

It’s Free!

Issued free of charge, and no annual fees

Additional Features

Three accounts combined in one card

Current Account, Savings Account and Foreign Currency Account

Multiple Currencies

link various currencies to your card (GCC, GBP, Euro and USD)

Automatic Sweep

This feature automatically moves funds between the OnePack's Current Account and Savings Account, at the end of the day, according to your instructions

Fawateer-Bill Payments

This feature enables you to have control over your bills; pay, view, and get notified when the bills are due to never miss paying bills on time!

Talk to meem

You will have access to view all the messages sent to you by meem, whether it’s an E-statement, complaint logging, or simply following up on a request

Currency Exchange Calculator

To avoid any surprises in the exchange rates when transferring funds to your Foreign Currency Accounts, use the Currency Exchange Calculator to check the rates in real time