Open Banking

Open Banking with meem

meem by Gulf International Bank provides Open Banking services in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Open Banking will provide customers with:

The ability to manage and share, with consent, their data more effectively

The ability to have better awareness and management of their finances

Partner with meem

Our Open Banking APIs expose a range of data to licensed third-party financial service solution providers including payment initiators, account aggregators, and other emerging Fintechs. By taking advantage of our secure APIs, third party partners and developers can enhance service offerings, improve customer engagement, and drive digital innovation.

meem by Gulf International Bank’s Open Banking Interface allows authorized Account Information Service Providers (AISPs) to access account information and Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) to make payments through Open Banking APIs. meem by Gulf International Bank’s standards are rooted and guided by the Central Bank of Bahrain’s Open Banking Framework.

Our account APIs will enable you to access your account information. This API will provide the following:

Account balance and/or transactional information

Information on standing orders and Beneficiaries

Product information

Our Payment APIs will enable you to initiate domestic and international payments from your account and is comprised of three elements:

The setup of the payment resource

The submission of the payment instruction for processing, once the customer has approved

The ability to call the endpoint to retrieve a status of the payment

We have employed the 0Auth 2.0 consent model to enable our customers to grant access to third party service providers in a clear and secure manner to provide authorization for AIS and PIS consents. The Swagger definitions, available under the API Documentation section of this site, will provide information on API specification.

Onboard with meem today

To onboard as a partner of meem’s Open Banking service, please contact us via e-mail at [email protected] and we will provide you with the next steps to commence onboarding and information as a participant in sandbox testing. Alternatively, for more support and information please call us on +973 17 52 2428.